In Iceland strong fishermen, imagine a Viking, have been battling the ocean for decades and fishing has been one of the strongest foundations of this small but proud nation. My father in law is one of those Vikings and has been a captain of a small fishing boat, breaking fishing records while fishing in the purest ocean imaginable in the North West of Iceland.

The idea of Feel Iceland was born when I was observing how the catch my father in law brought to shore was utilized. It is amazing how much of the fish byproducts are thrown away. I found my mission – to create more value of our healthy precious fish, something that would make people feel better.

After intensive research it became clear that we were throwing away gold that could be made great use of along with other magical ingredients that come from the ocean surrounding our island.

All these ingredients are perfect for both food supplements and skin care products and that‘s why we offer both, that work together from the inside out and outside in for optimal results.

We want you to experience the unique pure ingredients we have to offer from our powerful nature and we want you to feel better – feel younger – feel Iceland.

Hrönn Margrét Magnúsdóttir

Founder & CEO

Look and feel your natural best

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